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Choosing Mount Board

First and foremost in both the preservation and the presentation of your work of art is the mount board you choose, not only to create a gap between the art and the glass but also to protect and enhance it.

We’ve chosen our range of conservation mount boards for the exciting and comprehensive choice of colours on offer.

Artcare mount boards actively protect artwork from pollutants, help prevent the deterioration of your images and are fade and bleed resistant.

In fact, Artcare boards are so effective they are regularly used for museums and other important collections as well as for everyday framing.

Our mounts will not only offer you unrivalled protection of your artwork but also act as a stunning design accessory when presenting your framed image in your home or workplace.

Mounts provide space around the image to give it balance in the frame.

  • The colour of the mount can be chosen to compliment, contrast or highlight inherent colours in the artwork.
  • The colours in the room design in which the picture will hang can be complemented in the mount colours.
  • Multiple mounts, creative mount cuts, and colour core mounts can be used to add design flourish.
  • Bevel accents, slips, wash lines and deep bevelled mounts can also be added to give a look of refinement and opulence to the overall design.

The Choice is Yours!

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