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Glass & Mirror

Your artwork is undoubtedly one of your most treasured possessions and our job is to ensure it stays that way.
As well as advising you on the best mounts and frames to use, we also have access to a vast range of high-performance glazing materials and, when it comes to choosing the right glass for your picture, conservation and clarity are our primary concerns.
So, to ensure your artwork doesn`t fade we use the latest UV filters in our glass. To ensure freedom from distracting reflections, we use glass that offers uninhibited, natural viewing. 

Demonstrating the benefits of Waterwhite anti-reflective glass


One of the consequences of owning beautiful artwork is that it fades over time if it’s exposed to too much natural or artificial light. Humidity and temperature changes also play their part in causing long-term, irreversible damage to your pictures. As with most things in life, prevention is far better than fact, once colour in your artwork is lost, there is no cure.

We can glaze your pictures using high performing UV filtered glass, which blocks out over 98% of harmful radiation. This means that your grandchildren will get to enjoy their heirlooms in the same vivid colours as you do now. It also means your beautiful investments will retain their value.


Of course, there’s nothing more frustrating than a stunning picture marred by reflections. So, if your artwork is destined to be hung opposite a strong light source, usually a large window, then it’s worth considering using one of our anti-reflection glazing products. Our optically coated glass is, quite simply, the clearest picture glass available meaning you can enjoy uninhibited views of your artwork. It is possible to combine both conservation and antireflection properties in one glass. The best way for you to appreciate this technology is to see it for yourself, so please call into our workshop for a quick demonstration.

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